Recital Tickets

Get your tickets today and be part of a dance extravaganza that will SLAY like no other – join us in celebrating the future of dance at CVPA's 2023 Recital: SLAY THE NIGHT!

Before purchasing your recital tickets, please make sure you have double checked which of the three performances your dancer will be featured in.

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We've upgraded to DIGITAL TICKETS!!

Please review our updated ticket policies below to see how this affects your purchase!

Recital Tickets Policies

**Your tickets will be delivered digitally to the email address you provide during the purchase. For each order, a single unique QR code will be issued (for instance, if you order four tickets for the Saturday 11AM performance, you'll receive one QR code covering all four tickets). When you arrive at the theater, you'll need to present this QR code to our staff. They will then provide wristbands for your group. It's important that everyone in your party puts on these wristbands before entering the theater. These wristbands serve as admission indicators and must be worn throughout your time at the event.

If you're purchasing tickets for groups arriving at different times, we suggest making separate orders. For example, if Uncle Bob and his wife are coming from Sacramento and won't arrive until just before the show starts, it's a good idea to order their tickets separately and send Uncle Bob his own QR code. This approach still ensures you can enter the theater as soon as the doors open to grab your seats.

Ticket Policies:
  1. PLEASE DO NOT PRINT THE MOBILE TICKET ON PAPER. Use your mobile device to display the ticket for entry

  2. LISTED PRICE IS PER TICKET, PER PERFORMANCE. Each ticket corresponds to one individual's admission to a single performance.

  3. PRE-SALE: Pre-sale will be available online only through the CVPA Boutique website. You will no longer be able to purchase them directly from our staff.

  4. AT THE DOOR: Tickets will be available at the door for an additional fee. We accept Visa/MC or cash at the door. 

  5. REFUNDS: Before purchasing your tickets, please verify which of the three recital performances your dancer will be part of. Refunds are only accepted until the Thursday before the recital weekend. After this deadline, no further refunds or exchanges will be accommodated.

  6. EXCHANGES: If you need to switch your ticket to a different performance, we will initiate a full refund for your original order. Subsequently, you can proceed to purchase new tickets in the appropriate quantity for the desired performance. Exchange requests must be made prior to the Thursday before recital weekend.

  7. SEATING: Seating is open and unassigned. The theater doors open 45 minutes before the show begins. Ensure your entire party is present to secure your seats. If anyone in your group requires accessible seating, please inform us in advance.

  8. SAVING SEATS: Seat-saving is not permitted, and our ushers will enforce this policy. Any items placed to reserve seats will be available for pickup at the box office after the recital.

  9. RE-ENTRY: You must keep your wristband on if you wish to exit and re-enter the theater. 

  10. ACCESSIBLE SEATING: There are 8 accessible seats available. Notify our ushers upon arrival if your party requires these accommodations.

  11. CHILDREN AGE 2 & UNDER: We strongly recommend against bringing children aged 2 and under to the performance due to potential disruptions. If a child under 2 causes a disturbance, you may be asked to step outside.
    • Seating Policy: Groups with children under 2 yrs. will be seated in the upper right corner and won't be allowed in the front section. This applies irrespective of ticket type.

    • Tickets: Children under 2 yrs. do not need tickets if seated on an adult's lap. They will be given a special "VIP" wristband. To provide a separate seat for your infant/toddler, a ticket purchase is required.

Audience Etiquette and Seating Procedures

Your presence in the audience enhances the experience for everyone. Please share these friendly tips with your guests to ensure an enjoyable and respectful recital.

  1. Please focus on the performers throughout the recital. Each dancer's effort deserves equal appreciation, so let's make their moments equally special.

  2. If you need to leave after your child's dance, kindly exit during a blackout between performances. Respect others' views by avoiding obstructing their sight, even for a moment.

  3. Ushers will guide latecomers to their seats between routines. If you're arriving late, please seek their assistance for a smooth entry.

  4. NO FOOD OR DRINKS INSIDE THE THEATER. Respect the venue policy and refrain from bringing food or drinks into the theater.

  5. Avoid opening or closing lobby doors during performances.

  6. Keep conversations to the breaks between dances to minimize distractions in the acoustically-sensitive theater.

  7. Backstage access is reserved for staff, dressers, and Class Guardians. Parents will not be able to go from the audience to the backstage area during the show.

  8. Upon entering, please remove hats to enhance the viewing experience for all.

  9. Scan the QR code at the theater entrance for contactless access to the virtual recital program.

  10. Ensure electronic devices are silent and refrain from using them during the show.

  11. We do not allow parents to enter the theater before the general seating doors open in order to save seats. The doors will open to the public 45 minutes before each show. Any objects laid on seats in an effort to save a seat prior to this time will be available for pick-up in the box office after the recital.

  12. Only service animals are allowed in the theater.

  13. Based upon the guidance provided by the California Department of Public Health, the Castro Valley Center for the Arts strongly recommends all attendees wear masks while inside of the CFA. Proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test is no longer required for entry. Expanded cleaning and sanitizing will continue to be completed, and hand sanitizer stations will continue to be in the lobby and theater. Please contact us at with any questions regarding our health and safety policies.

  14. Recital Photo & Video Policy:
    • Video recording is not permitted during the performances. This policy ensures that all families and audience members can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the performances.

    • Live Streaming is not permitted during the performances.This helps us maintain the exclusivity of the recital for our audience attending in person.

    • After the performances are concluded, you're welcome to share photographs from your child’s experience. We encourage you to use our #cvpadance to connect with others from the CVPA dance community on social platforms.

    • As you share your child's journey, please be considerate of other dancers and their families. When sharing, please ensure that the focus is on your child and be considerate of others' experiences.

    • Also, don’t forget to tag @castrovalleyperformingarts, #cvpadance, and/or #cvpaslay to share your memories with us! We love to see you shine!

Your collaboration in adhering to these guidelines ensures a polished and harmonious environment for our dancers. Thank you for joining us in creating a truly memorable performance!